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ROCKBROS bicycle tube 700 x 18-32C 35g TPU Presta valve road bike

ROCKBROS bicycle tube 700 x 18-32C 35g TPU Presta valve road bike


2 years warranty

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Weight: 24/35g
Material: TPU

Superlight: The weight of bike inner tube is only 36g, which is about 100g less than the traditional rubber inner tube, and a pair can save 200g!

TPU Material: Due to the special TPU material, the durability is also greatly improved compared with traditional inner tubes.

Efficient performance: This reduces the overall weight of the vehicle and improves riding efficiency, allowing you to accelerate and climb more easily.

inner tube cannot be inflated a lot when it is not installed in the outer tire. Vacancy pumping more than 5 PSl will result in unrepairable swelling!


Inner Tube Usage Precautions:

Before installation, clean the inside of the outer tire to remove any sharp debris or stones that may be present.


It is normal for a newly inflated inner tube to have uneven inflation, as the rubber thickness may vary. The valve area may be slightly thicker, resulting in different levels of expansion under the same pressure. However, once installed and encased within the outer tire, it can be used normally without any quality issues.


Damages to the inner tube caused by improper installation or punctures after use, which result in air leakage or other non-quality issues, cannot be eligible for returns or exchanges.

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