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SPRAYKE Pulitel Bike Detergent Cleaner Water Repellent

SPRAYKE Pulitel Bike Detergent Cleaner Water Repellent


2 years warranty

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Format: 400ml

With Silicones Pulitel Spray you can remove greasy dirt but also mud, tar and adhesive glues from frames, spokes, rims, crowns and chains. Just dispense on the dirty part, let it act a few seconds and then remove with compressed air or a simple cloth or even a brush. Once cleaned you can also think about giving it another wipe to further protect and remove moisture even better thanks to the Dewatering characteristics of this cleaner.

The protective film that will remain on your bike will also serve to promote the detachment of dirt during the next wash. In fact, the dirt that will settle on your bike protected by Silicones Pulitel Sprayke Spray, will then be easily cleanable. It is definitely a product with a detergent and protective action for bike lovers who want to meticulously store their bike after use intact and ready for new use. Obviously Siliconi Pulitel Sprayke Spray in the 400/ml can can be used not only for the bicycle but also on motorcycles and scooters for the cleaning of their components. It is a high-performance product, a veil is enough to obtain a satisfactory result.

  • It cleans and degrease the frame
  • Water repellent
  • Protective antioxidation
  • It removes dirt difficult to be eliminated
  • Suitable for carbon frames
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