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SPRAYKE Pulisil E-bike contact cleaner

SPRAYKE Pulisil E-bike contact cleaner


2 years warranty

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Format: 200ml

PULISIL is a cleaner, detergent and protective agent for the electronic contacts of electric bikes. It has good penetration ability and low surface tension, is able to dissolve and remove dirt. It can be used to clean sensors, potentiometers, etc. It leaves a lubricating and protective layer against oxidation. It does not affect plastics, does not conduct electricity and is non-toxic. Comes with a small tube to reach and clean less accessible parts.

  • For electrical and electronic contacts of e-bikes
  • To be used on connectors and contacts
  • It does not affect plastics
  • It leaves a protective film in the treated surfaces
  • Cleans and restores contacts and sensors
  • De-watering
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