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SPRAYKE Pulifren Bike brake and multi-purpose cleaner

SPRAYKE Pulifren Bike brake and multi-purpose cleaner


2 years warranty

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Format: 500ml

Fast evaporating solvent based bicycle brake cleaner. Specially formulated to clean: brake discs, brake pads, rims and brake rails. Removes grease, oil, dust, and mud residues. Restores the surface of the pads, preventing crystallization and sudden wear. Waterproof, removes detergent residues and residual moisture after washing. Does not affect rubber, plastic, aluminum and carbon, compatible with all bike components. Excellent fast cleaner/degreaser, dissolves adhesive residue.

  • Universal degreaser
  • It removes dirt, grease, tar and glue
  • It does not leave residuals
  • It does not damage rubber and plastic
  • Improve performance of braking system
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