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KOOTU Hurricane2.0 Carbon Roadbike 700C Shimano SORA R3000 18 Speed

KOOTU Hurricane2.0 Carbon Roadbike 700C Shimano SORA R3000 18 Speed

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  • 2 years warranty
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Brand: KOOTU
Material: Carbon
Type: Road Bikes
Weight: 9,8 kg
Number of speed: 18

Road bike KOOTU Hurricane2.0 R3000 with carbon frame, fork and seatpost

It is a lightweight bike with carbon frame, fork and seatpost. Thanks to the use of lightweight components made of carbon and aluminum, the weight of the entire bike is only 9.8 kg.

KOOTU Hurricane2.0 is not an ordinary road bike. Why?

  • Firstly, KOOTU bike has a strong, stiff, vibration-absorbing carbon frame that makes it light, so you can be even faster.
  • Second - high quality components and technical solutions make KOOTU bike reliable and allow you to cover thousands of kilometers safely.
  • Third - the attractive design; you just can't look away from your beautiful bike.
  • Fourth - a great price/performance ratio.
    We believe that excellent quality does not have to come with the highest price. You get a bike at a great price with no additional markups or fees. That's why KOOTU bikes are cheaper than the competition, but still of great quality.


Carbon frame, fork and seat post

The KOOTU bike has a strong yet lightweight carbon frame of the latest generation. The lightness achieved by the carbon frame makes off-road touring less tiring and you will move faster. The KOOTU carbon frame is made of high quality Japanese carbon, which makes the KOOTU Hurricane2.0 road bike very light and yet very stable.

The carbon components are very light - the carbon frame weighs only 1100 grams, the fork about 400 grams, and the seatpost only 135 grams.

Rear derailleur & shift lever Shimano Sora R3000

The new Shimano Sora R3000 derailleur is the most attractive and durable 9-speed component ever. The Shimano Sora group with its stylish and simple design is aimed at sports and recreational cyclists. By integrating technologies from higher accessory groups, beginners and casual cyclists can now feel the thrill of sporty riding offered by the Sora R3000 9-speed groupset products.

The Shimano SORA R3000 derailleur is a great choice for fast shifting and a smooth ride.

Attractive design

The aerodynamic shape, high-profile rims, profiled handlebars and beautiful colors are a real eye-catcher. The innovative design combines modernity and class.

For even better aerodynamics, a flattened handlebar and highly tapered wheels high-profile rims were used. The wiring for the gears and brakes was housed in a carbon frame, which also protects the cables from dirt.

These solutions make the bike look great.  It is impossible to hand over your new bike indifferently. You will enjoy your purchase for a long time.

Lightweight construction

The components used in the KOOTU Hurricane2.0 road bike are reliable and lightweight. As a result, the entire bike weighs only 9.8 kg. The frame, fork and seatpost are made of carbon fiber. The handlebars, stem and high-profile rims are made of aluminum. This reduces the weight of the bike to a minimum. Riding the R3000 is a pure pleasure.

KOOTU Hurricane2.0 an all-rounder

The KOOTU Hurricane2.0 is a great option if you're looking for an all-around road bike, whether it's for long tours, demanding training sessions, recreational outings with friends, or first starts in road races. This model has everything you need to ride the way you like and start your road bike adventure. The lightweight carbon frame is the perfect base to build on as your skills develop and your needs grow.

With a carbon frame, vibration absorbing fork and stem, aerodynamic handlebars and wheels, and an attractive design, KOOTU is the bike for you.

Aero handlebars and 40 mm high profile rims

The specially shaped, aerodynamic handlebar made of aluminum further increases the riding comfort.

Aerodynamic handlebar advantages:

- Flattened, aerodynamic design cuts air better for even better performance;

- Ergonomic shape provides more support for your hands to better control the bike;

- Better support means more comfort on long rides and safer bike handling;

- Attractive, professional look.

High profile 40mm rims provide more stiffness and better aerodynamics. The higher, smoothly rounded rims make the bike cut the air much more evenly at higher speeds.

The bike is almost fully assembled

The KOOTU Hurricane2.0 bike arrives safely packed and almost fully assembled. Mounting the front wheel and attaching the handlebars, seatpost and pedals is simple and intuitive. You are ready to go in no time and after a quick assembly you are ready to enjoy a beautiful and fast ride.

Even more - in the box you will find all the necessary tools to assemble and maintain your KOOTU road bike. We include them for you free of charge.

Do you have any questions? Check out the FAQ section or the technical specifications. We are always here for you!

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Hans Müller

I bought a folding bike and am very satisfied with the experience. The bike itself is of high quality and meets all my expectations. I can only recommend the shop!

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I recently purchased a Shimano gear lever from this shop. The gear lever fulfills its function and the quality is solid.

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I recently bought a helmet here. It fits well and looks normal. Delivery was quite fast.