How to repair a punctured tyre?

How to repair a punctured tyre?

Flat rear tyre. What to do about it?

Everyone knows this situation: you are cycling and you notice that you are finding it increasingly difficult to move forward. A quick check reveals that air has escaped from the rear tyre. In the following section we will show you how to change the inner tube while you are on the road:

Note: We limit ourselves here to the method of changing while standing. The same steps are also possible when the bike is turned around so that the saddle and handlebars touch the ground.

1. changing the chain

To make the chain as taut as possible, shift it to the smallest sprocket at the rear while shifting into a higher gear. At the front, the chain should be on the highest or middle chainring.

2. loosen the quick-release

First of all, loosen the quick-release. This is a tensioner on the side of the rear wheel that can be tightened and turned.

3. Lift the rear wheel

You can now lift the rear wheel. It is best to have another person help you hold the bike. You may have to turn the chain slightly outwards.

4 Changing the inner tube

After removing the tyre, let out as much air as possible. You can then force the tyre out of the rim. This can be done manually or with a suitable tool. The inner tube can then be removed. Conversely, a new tube can be inserted and inflated.

5. inserting the wheel

To reinsert the wheel, place the chain on the smallest sprocket and pull the rear derailleur upwards with your thumb and backwards with your fingers so that the wheel can be placed in the frame by the resulting line.

6. check the tyre

The next step is to check that the wheel is turning correctly. In this case it is especially important that the brake discs do not rub when rotating freely.

7. Tighten the quick-release

The final step is to tighten the quick release.

That's it!
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