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VICO Rapid3.0 running shoes sports shoes

VICO Rapid3.0 running shoes sports shoes


2 years warranty

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Brand: VICO
Color: Black / Black-Red / Black-White / Black-Khaki / Black-Grey / Black-Yellow
Type: Running Shoes
Material: TPU + Fabric
Weight : 500g

VICO Rapid3.0 running shoes are specially developed shoes that provide the feet with support and cushioning while running. Lightweight, flexible and breathable, they provide optimal movement and ventilation during physical activity.

The VICO Rapid3.0 running shoes consist of several main components, including the upper, midsole and outsole. It is made of a breathable material that provides ventilation and moisture regulation. It can reduce impact and protect feet from injury. The outsole provides grip and stability on different surfaces.

The VICO Rapid3.0 running shoes have a higher arch support for runners with a high arch, while others have a wider toe box for runners with wider feet. It is designed for different types of terrain with more aggressive outsoles that provide more grip on uneven terrain.

The VICO Rapid3.0 running shoes play a vital role in protecting feet while providing support and comfort during physical activity, making them an essential piece of equipment for runners of all levels.

Special features of  the VICO Rapid3.0 running shoes:

Damping: Our running shoes have special cushioning to reduce the impact when running on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. This protects the runner's joints and bones.

Stability: VICO Rapid3.0 is also designed to create a stable running environment. They have a pronation support and other technologies to prevent overpronation or underpronation of the foot and thus prevent injuries.

Breathability: These running shoes have a breathable mesh upper that allows the foot to breathe and to wick away moisture. This minimizes the risk of blistering and sweaty feet.

Weight: VICO Rapid3.0 running shoes are lighter than other sports shoes to reduce the load on the legs and feet and allow a higher running speed.

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