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ROCKBROS LP-RD2 SPD-SL Self-Locking Cycling Pedals

ROCKBROS LP-RD2 SPD-SL Self-Locking Cycling Pedals


2 years warranty

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Color: Black
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 297 g x2

More stable riding: Self-locking pedal can fix the position of the feet and the pedal to ensure that the feet do not move on the pedal

Increase cycling performance: Helps the rider to ride in a more labor-saving posture, especially when riding uphill

Correct the bad cycling posture: The wrong cycling posture can lead to muscle injury. Using the self-locking pedal to fix the position can correct the cycling posture and prevent body injury.

Better protection: Fixed pedal increase the safety when cycling.

Suitable for mountain bike

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